Hello! I’m in  need of some money, I got a traffic ticket that is going to cost me upwards of 260 dollars, and it needs to be taken care of before March 21st. I’m also going to have to start paying my own car insurance and while I do work (for my dad), I can’t really hold him to his promise that he’ll give me the amount of hours I need to work in order to afford the insurance. 

So I’m asking for donations! But there’s a perk for people who donate! First is my eternal love, and second is art. Above are some examples of what I can do. Here’s whats up!

  1. Donate 1-6 dollars and get a lined headshot or a chibi
  2. Donate 7-12 dollars and get a lined fullbody or colored headshot
  3. Donate 13-20 dollars and get a lined background with fullbody, multiple lined fullbodies, or one colored fullbody!
  4. Donate more than 20 dollars and I’ll give you a completely colored shaded piece with two characters and a background; and I would probably kiss you too.

My Paypal Email is, if you would like to get art, then just email me telling me that you donated. If you can’t contribute that is of course understandable but it would be nice if you reblogged and shared!

please please donate to gabe! my datefriend is in a sticky situation and you would have my undying gratitude if you can help them out at all by donating or even signal boosting… and hell youll get their fucking AMAZING art out of it???? so like really who loses here, no one

why does this have less than 200 notes right now reblog this post if you cant donate

donate to gabe and I Will Kiss You